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Jonathan Jansen Decolonisation in Universities

Jonathan Jansen Briewe aan my kinders

Eers was die raad net bedoel vir Jonathan Jansen se eie kinders wat op die punt van volwassenheid gestaan het. Maar dié stukkies wysheid het gou versprei na die studente van die Universiteit van die Vrystaat – en toe nog verder na Jansen se duidende volgelinge op Facebook en Twitter. Jansen het elke dag ’n “brief aan sy kinders” geskryf, ’n klein stukkie lewenswysheid oor enigiets van die liefde tot menswees. Dié humoristies dog aangrypende twiets bewys oor en oor hoekom Jansen Suid-Afrika se morele barometer geword het.’n Bundel met outydse raad, geskryf in ’n 21ste eeuse formaat, wat aanklank sal vind by oud en jonk.

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Jonathan Jansen As by Fire

What are the real roots of the student protests of 2015 and 2016? Is it actually about fees? Why did the protests turn violent? Where is the government while the buildings burn? Former Free State University vice-chancellor Jonathan Jansen delves into the unprecedented disruption of universities that caught South Africa by surprise. In frank interviews with eleven of the VCs most affected, he examines the forces at work, why the protests escalate into chaos, and what is driving – and exasperating – our youth. This urgent and necessary book gives us an insider view of the crisis, tells us why the conflict will not go away and what it means for the future of our universities.

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Jonathan Swift's Gulliver

Now in paperback - A tour de force of illustration and design, JONATHAN SWIFT'S GULLIVER is a magnificent introduction to one of the most popular stories in the English language. First published in 1726, Jonathan Swift's wonderful adventure has long been a favorite with adults and children alike. This skillful adaptation by award-winning author Martin Jenkins stays true to the original, in a magnificent edition featuring all of Gulliver's extraordinary voyages. Chris Riddell's illustrations capture the tale in panoramic detail, making for a peerless introduction to one of the most popular stories in the English language.

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Jonathan Bernstein Knickers in a Twist


Jonathan Cross Five Years in the Alleghanies

Jonathan Rosen Joy Comes in the Morning

Jonathan Buch Softwarestabilität in der Industrie

Jonathan Rugman Killing in the Consulate

Jonathan Swift Polite Conversation in Three Dialogues

Marie Jansen Kiedy byłyśmy siostrami

Jonathan Green Murder in the High Himalaya

Jonathan Shay Achilles in Vietnam

Jonathan Losos Lizards in an Evolutionary Tree

Jonathan Swift Swift, Gulliver bei den Riesen

Hörspiel nach dem weltberühmten Jugendbuchklassiker «Gullivers Reisen» von Jonathan Swift, in welchem Gulliver auf einer weiteren Seereise auf die Insel der Riesen gerät. Nun selbst ein Winzling, muss er mit der gefährlichen Welt der Riesen zurechtkommen …

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Nina Jansen Gehorche mir!

Rudolf Jansen C++

Nina Jansen Fühl mich!

Stephan A. Jansen Magnetische Metropolen

Carole Mortimer To Be A Husband

Jarrett, Jonathan and Jordan Hunter are Bachelor Brothers Some men are meant to marry!Jonathan. Middle brother, accomplished lover, he's blond and impossibly good-looking. What woman can resist his charm? Gaye Royal, for one! For Jonathan, this is a first. Gaye's cool, elegant beauty is a challenge in itself, and she makes it plain from the start that she doesn't want him in her life – a situation he's determined to change.But why is Gaye so mysterious, elusive, so intriguing, and what does Jonathan have to do to win her over? Propose marriage? Being a husband is the last thing that Jonathan has in mind… .

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