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Barbara McMahon Greek Boss, Dream Proposal

Barbara McMahon A promessa

Barbara McMahon Tentação desconhecida

Barbara McMahon Corazones unidos

Barbara McMahon Corações unidos

Barbara McMahon From Daredevil to Devoted Daddy

Barbara McMahon Un regalo de amor

Barbara McMahon Beijando o chefe

Barbara McMahon Puerta con puerta

Barbara McMahon Porta com porta

Barbara McMahon Paixão entre as dunas

Barbara McMahon Arrebatados pelo amor

Barbara McMahon Puerta con puerta - Corazones unidos

Barbara McMahon Um milionário aventureiro

Barbara McMahon Amor em chamas

Barbara McMahon Ecos do deserto

Barbara McMahon Amor en llamas

Barbara McMahon Um presente de amor

Barbara McMahon The Nanny Who Kissed Her Boss

Dare to dream… these sparkling romances will make you laugh, cry and fall in love – again and again!Savannah loves being a nanny – but her assignment for single dad Declan is her most challenging yet.Declan’s the ex she’s spent seven years trying to forget. After Declan’s ex-wife took him for a ride, he’s maintained a suave, in-control persona. Yet seeing Savannah again makes Declan wonder if his real mistake was letting her go…

415.37 RUR



Kathryn Ross Greek Affairs: In the Boss's Arms: Ruthless Boss, Secretary Mistress / Kept by Her Boss Dream Proposal

He’s master of all he sees…including her!Secretary Mistress Greek playboy Aristotle Levakis can have his pick of any woman, so why does his body crave the one woman who should be out of bounds – his prim and curvy assistant Lucy Proctor? He knows there is only one way to overcome this desire – and that is to sate it!Runaway Lover Katie Connor thinks herself immune to womaniser Alexi Demetri until she falls pregnant with this ruthless Greek’s baby! Now Katie has no choice but to become Alexi’s convenient wife. Trouble is, Alexi won’t be content until he’s possessed her body…and soul!Dream Proposal Cruising round the Greek islands, Nikos Konstantinos should be admiring their beauty – but he only has eyes for his yacht’s entrancing new chef! For independent Sara Andropolous, resisting her charismatic new boss is a full-time job in itself…

555.21 RUR



Barbara Taylor Bradford Hold the Dream

Barbara Traub Desert to Dream

Barbara O'Neal All You Can Dream Buffet

Katrina Cudmore Tempted By Her Greek Tycoon

Gorgeous Greek tycoon Loukas Christou needs a wife! Temporary PA Georgie Jones, offers to be his matchmaker.She should be focused on finding him a bride, but for independent and kind-hearted Georgie, resisting the temptation of her boss is easier said than done…

415.37 RUR



Кэтти Уильямс The Greek Tycoon's Secret Child

Gorgeous Greek billionaire Dominic Drecos has sworn off women…until he meets Matilda Hayes. She is truly stunning, but she makes it extremely clear she is off-limits. Dominic, however, is a man who doesn't give up easily, and Mattie very quickly falls for his irresistible charm. She has never experienced such an intensely powerful attraction before. She also has a new dream job but then the bombshell drops: she discovers that not only is Dominic her new boss, but she's also pregnant with his baby….

136.51 RUR



BRONZE Luxury Handmade Boss, Executive Desk Roman Greek figures Athena statue and collectible bronze or hand-painted

Barbara McMahon The Nanny and the Boss's Twins

Dare to dream… these sparkling romances will make you laugh, cry and fall in love – again and again!Stacey loves children and travel – so accepting Luis’s offer to look after his adorable twin boys on the Spanish Riviera was a no-brainer. All widower Luis wants is to see his boys smile again, but Stacey’s zest for life is catching! She’s just the temporary nanny, but Luis now wants her to stay… as permanent nanny, mummy or… wife?

136.51 RUR



Natalie Anderson In Bed With Her Tall, Sexy Handsome Boss: All Night with the Boss / The Boss's Wife for a Week My Tall Dark Greek

All Night with the Boss Lissa Coleman doesn’t do office affairs. Hurt in the past, she keeps her guard up by being witty and sarcastic… But one look at her tall, dark and sexy new boss tests her resistance to the limit! Working closely with him, she discovers he’s as hot in the bedroom as he is in the boardroom.The Boss’s Wife for a Week For business reasons, Spence Tyack needed a wife for a week… Someone he could court in public and share a bed with in private. But who could he find to fill this position? Certainly not his demure secretary, Sadie Morrissey. But Spence was in for a surprise. It seemed his personal assistant was ready to step into the role – and not only was she sensible in the boardroom, she was sensual in the bedroom! My Tall Dark Greek Boss Gorgeous billionaire Samos Stilakos is the answer to every woman’s prayers – tall, dark, Greek and rich! Sam wants to explore the attraction that sizzles between him and his new PA – he’s sure she was his mystery lover – and Sam is the boss, the CEO, and he’s not used to taking no as an answer!

834.07 RUR



Janet McMahon Exponential: Das Coaching-Handbuch

Кэтти Уильямс Taken By Her Greek Boss

Nick Papaeliou dates beautiful women, so his attraction to frumpy Rose is a mystery.Maybe it's because she's not falling at his feet! Rose wants to detest her arrogant Greek boss, but she needs the job. As his ruthless seduction weakens her resolve, she reminds herself that after the seduction she'll be discarded.Nick's in for a surprise–for underneath Rose's shapeless clothes hides a more alluring woman than he could ever imagine. . . .

222.24 RUR




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