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Barbara McMahon A promessa

Barbara McMahon Corazones unidos

Barbara McMahon Corações unidos

Barbara McMahon Tentação desconhecida

Barbara McMahon Greek Boss, Dream Proposal

Barbara McMahon Paixão entre as dunas

Barbara McMahon Puerta con puerta

Barbara McMahon From Daredevil to Devoted Daddy

Barbara McMahon Un regalo de amor

Barbara McMahon Puerta con puerta - Corazones unidos

Barbara McMahon Um milionário aventureiro

Barbara McMahon Amor em chamas

Barbara McMahon Beijando o chefe

Barbara McMahon Porta com porta

Barbara McMahon Ecos do deserto

Barbara McMahon Amor en llamas

Barbara McMahon Arrebatados pelo amor

Barbara McMahon Um presente de amor

Бренда Джойс A promessa

Lynne Graham A promessa de um amor

Kristi Gold A promessa de amor

Nicole Locke A promessa de um cavaleiro

Terence McMahon Hughes Iberia Won - A poem descriptive of the Peninsular War

Barbara McMahon From Daredevil to Devoted Daddy

Just a summer romance…Since the cliffs surrounding her Mediterranean home claimed her husband’s life, Jeanne-Marie has been a single mum to her young son Alexandre. She keeps her heart well guarded – until the handsome Matthieu arrives at her cosy B&B… Or the start of something more?Matt’s sense of fun enchants Alexandre and reminds Jeanne-Marie how to smile, but surely this daredevil will soon move on to the next adventure? She doesn’t dare hope that Matt might be ready for a whole new challenge – a family!

254.69 RUR



Martin McMahon Ramshorn Republic

This is the story of a multimillion euro tax scandal. It exposes a conspiracy between elements of the State and Industry.

1474.11 RUR



Barbara McMahon Adopted: Family in a Million

From hot-shot tycoon to doting dad… When Zack Morgan discovers he’s a father, and that his little boy was given up for adoption, he decides to find him. He has to know his son is okay. Life is a struggle for single mum Susan Johnson, but she loves being Danny’s mother. When Zack unexpectedly comes into their lives, he lights up their world…Zack intended to keep his distance, but he’s found the family of his dreams. Only Susan has no idea who he really is…

346.28 RUR



Barbara McMahon The Nanny Who Kissed Her Boss

Dare to dream… these sparkling romances will make you laugh, cry and fall in love – again and again!Savannah loves being a nanny – but her assignment for single dad Declan is her most challenging yet.Declan’s the ex she’s spent seven years trying to forget. After Declan’s ex-wife took him for a ride, he’s maintained a suave, in-control persona. Yet seeing Savannah again makes Declan wonder if his real mistake was letting her go…

415.37 RUR



Barbara McMahon The Daredevil Tycoon / Hired: Sassy Assistant:

THE DAREDEVIL TYCOONBarbara McMahon Conservative, down-to-earth secretary Amalia Catalon has been offered the challenge of a lifetime: to take part in a hot air balloon race with thrill-seeking sportsman Rafael Sandoval. This is the beginning of her great adventure!HIRED: SASSY ASSISTANT Nina Harrington The nation’s favourite medic and adventurer Kyle Munroe has swapped the wilds of Nepal for the grand English country house of Lulu Hamilton. He needs her help with his new book, but the unconventional assistant won’t play ball. Rumour has it sparks are flying!

555.21 RUR



Leanne Banks Uma promessa nos seus lábios

Maisey Yates Promessa de desejo

Maisey Yates Promessa de sedução

Barbara Seidlhofer Understanding English as a Lingua Franca

A complete introduction to the theoretical nature and practical implications of English used as a lingua franca. Explore the theories and principles of English as a Lingua Franca with leading expert Barbara Seidlhofer

3019.64 RUR



Вальтер Скотт La promessa sposa di Lammermoor, Tomo 2

Brian McMahon A Short History of the Ford Plant

A short-form e-book original providing a brief history of the famed automobile assembly plant in St. Paul’s Highland Park neighborhood, 1925-2011. Based on an essay written for the Society for Industrial Archaeology.

147.21 RUR



Barbara McMahon Angel of Smoky Hollow

Musician Angelica Cannon arrived in Smoky Hollow, battered suitcase and precious violin in tow, to rediscover her passion for music–not to fall for the town's most eligible bachelor, Kirk Devon.Kirk's faded jeans and laid-back charm are a million miles away from the sharp-suited businessmen of New York. But his warm chocolate eyes most deï ¬ ? nitely put the harmony back into her soul!City girl Angelica has already fallen for Smoky Hollow's magic–now she's succumbing to Kirk's spell….

415.37 RUR



Barbara McMahon The Forbidden Brother

Stunning gallery owner Laura Parkerson's life is turned upside down by the appearance of Jed Brodie.Not just because he's broodingly handsome–but because Jed is her late fiance's twin. Looking at him, Laura feels butterflies. He's nothing like his twin brother–but how can she be sure she's not just bewitched by the mirror image of a man she once promised herself to? Laura's falling in love with the forbidden brother…

415.37 RUR



Janet McMahon Exponential: Das Coaching-Handbuch


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